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Work wear laundering. Dry cleaning 

The Labor Code requires employers to provide workers with personal protective equipment (PPE), including work wear appropriate for their specific working conditions and the type of work they are performing (Art. 12 Inter-Industry Regulations). The company’s managers should  only allow workers to  take up their work if they wear their PPE. All personal protective equipment must be clean and in proper operational condition.

These Inter-Industry Regulations (Art. 6) specify the standards for the provision of work wear and their service life. The provision of work wear must be stated on each employee’s individual work card. According to this document (Art. 26) and industry standards, workers must use the work wear for a defined period of time, starting on the day it is received. Employers should take back and exchange work wear in the event of a deterioration of its protective properties or of premature wear.

For the work wear to last for the service life established by the Inter-Industry Regulations, it must be maintained with careful and professional care, including laundering, dry cleaning,and repairs.

By providing the professional maintenance of work wear BleskInCare helps its customers to keep work clothes in proper condition for the duration of their stipulated service life, and even beyond which is not prohibited by the Inter-Industry Regulations.

To ensure that our work wear maintenance services achieve your desired results our technology accommodates all specificities of your textiles and types of soiling and we carefully choose the correct cleaning methods and chemical treatments to be used.

The specialized laundering equipment of Blesk InCare includes all the latest technology and everything required for the high-quality laundering and dry cleaning of your work wear:

  • Washing machines
  • Rotary dryers
  • Centrifugal dryers
  • Dry cleaning equipment
  • Wet cleaning equipment
  • Sewing equipment for repairs
  • Ironing boards and steam form finishers, ironing presses and irons

Our customers are make the right choice by entrusting the care for their work wear to the specialists at Blesk InCare.