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Blesk InCare Professional Textile Rental Services for Workwear

In line with the requirements of most business sectors

Today’s company managers are well aware of the benefits of neat-looking workwear and uniforms. A neat appearance improves your corporate image, enhances trust and motivates your employees. This is what textile rental services can achieve. Blesk InCare is a leading Russian provider of these services. 

Blesk InCare delivers workwear at the right time, in the right size, in perfect shape and ready for use. Besides on-time delivery and pick-up, we can provide work wear dispensers and collectors which allow your staff to access their fresh garments 24/7.  

The range of business sectors for which Blesk InCare provides the appropriate garments includes

  • retail shops (neat look, comfortable fabric)
  • general industry (coveralls and standard work wear)
  • automotive manufacture and subcontractors (assembly-workers’ garments, special non-linting garments for critical areas, etc.)
  • food industry (fulfillment of HACCP, IFS, light colored fabric, inside pockets, grippers made from stainless steel, etc. )
  • pharmaceutical companies (in line with GMP regulations, low-lint fabrics of 65PES/35CO, non linting microfibers with carbon filaments, etc.)
  • heavy industry plants (such as oil refineries EN 13034, steel plants EN 14116, welders’ garments for metal working companies EN ISO 11611, etc.)


 These are the numerous advantages of Blesk InCare textile rental services:

  • selection of the best possible workwear in close cooperation with the customer
  • long term availability of the selected fabrics
  • no investment in workwear stock
  • professional cleaning, repairing and quality check of textiles
  • garments are labeled with the name or staff ID of the employee
  • replacement of worn out items at no costs (after regular wear and tear)
  • no storage space
  • customer can concentrate on his core business.