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Inter-Industry Regulations together with  Article 212 of the Russian Federation Labor Code establish several obligations for employers concerning the creation of safe working conditions. In particular, the employer must purchase and issue certified workwear, shoes, and other personal protective equipment to his employees. 

All organizations  are required  by Article 221 (3) of the Russian Federation Labor Code), at their own expense,  to properly maintain and store workwear, have PPE dry-cleaned, laundered, neutralized, decontaminated, disinfected, sterilized, cleaned of dust, dried, repaired, and replaced in a timely manner. In order to keep workwear clean, the employer may sign a contract with a laundering service (point 32 of the Inter-Industry Regulations). 

The following are the three main reasons why it makes sense for employers to use a professional dry- cleaning/laundering service:

  • Stubborn stains
    There are certain types of work during which employees’ work clothing is stained with substances that are hard to wash out  using regular washing methods, let alone  washing  under normal  household conditions. 
  • Strict health and hygiene requirements
    In organizations with strict health and hygiene requirements, great importance is placed on the cleanliness of work clothing. Bacteria can still hide in clothing that appears clean. In this case, the workwear can become a source of contamination. Therefore, the laundry process must ensure disinfection of the workwear. This can be done chemo-thermally by reaching a temperature of 70°C for at least 8 minutes or thermally by reaching 90°C for at least 8 minutes.  
  • Costs and problems of an in-house laundry
    An in-house laundry requires floor space, specific know-how for the purchasing and maintaining of the optimal equipment, selecting, hiring and training staff, utilities, detergents and chemicals, cost of capital etc.

You can focus on your core business by handing over your workwear laundering to Blesk InCare. Blesk InCare has three laundering and dry cleaning facilities in Russia and one in Ukraine equipped with modern Western technology.  Our staff always knows the right treatment to apply to your company’s workwear.

Our company has workwear and uniform service contracts with numerous Russian companies and organizations. We also provide our well established workwear rental service. For more information, see the Workwear Rentals page or call us