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Your customer is welcomed by a mat with your logo  

A logo mat is an excellent corporate advertising tool. We supply branded entrance mats which feature company or trade mark logos and business slogans. These logo mats are designed according to your specifications, color scheme and mat size requirements. Such logo mats make a good impression on your employees, partners and clients.

Logo Mat Design

The logo mats supplied by Blesk InCare are specifically manufactured by a proven technology that ensures color-fastness and a long service-life. Our professional designers will help you to pick the best colors for your logo based on the extensive palette that we offer. The finished logo mats will perfectly reflect your design. The large range of colors, an attractive design and the aesthetic appeal of logo mats enhance your marketing image.

Logo Mat Laundry and Lift & Lay  Service 

We can provide you with custom-made logo mats which you can wash yourself. But to maximize the brilliance and durability of this attractive product, we strongly recommend that you have the mats maintained professionally. That is why you should contract us to wash as well as lift & lay your mats on a regular service basis.