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Mat rental services for residential housing

Blesk InCare offer a mat rental service specially targeted for the entrances of apartment buildings as well as for individuals living in flats and townhouses.

Dirt control mats, placed at the building entrance as well as in pre-elevator and elevator areas, improve the looks of the property and reduce the transport of dirt into the buildings.

Maintaining entrances in a good condition at the lowest possible cost is one of the top objectives of Condominium Associations and Facility Managing Companies.

An attractive entrance can add up to 10% to the apartment’s value.

Blesk InCare has put together a special mat rental offer for Condominium owners and Estate Management Companies. We know that the tenants and owners will appreciate these changes for the better!

If you live in a private house, you have kids and pets – dirt control mats are indispensable for maintaining cleanliness. It’s not necessary to wipe your feet before entering the house, it’s enough to take a few steps on the mat and the dirt will get absorbed into the mat fibers. Once or twice a week our personnel will take away the soiled mat and replace it by a clean one.

The Blesk InCare mat rental service saves you time and effort!