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Dirt control mats 

Currently the market offers a variety of flooring materials for building entrances with a broad price range.

Blesk InCare’s professional dirt control mats have proven to be the most efficient and attractive solution.  The structure and texture of these mats help retain up to 80% of various types of dirt, absorbing up to 8 liters of water per square meter. They withstand repeated washing without losing shape, color or functionality.

For example dirt control mats supplied by the Blesk InCare mats rental service effectively protect the entrance areas of major shopping and business centers, with more than 70,000 visitors per day or about 6000 per hour.

These mats feature the following parameters and characteristics:

  • The base of each mat is made ​​of dimpled rubber, which prevents it from slipping
  • The pile is made ​​of of 650 g/² antistatic polyamide material
  • Blesk’s dirt control mats are effectively functional at temperatures ranging from – 40° C to + 40° C
  • The special structure of the pile and its twisted configuration effectively absorb dirt and conduct it to the lower layers of the mat. The visible layer remains clean.

Nowadays it does not make sense to purchase textile or plain-rubber dirt control mats, because renting them ensures a proper service. This saves you time and money.

Blesk InCare, as the biggest mat rental provider in Russia, has the proven experience that makes it possible to rent dirt control mats at reasonable prices.