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Mat service

The growing demand for this service is the result of satisfied customers who have experienced how efficiently our attractive dust control mats hold dirt and moisture. This service helps to significantly reduce the cost of cleaning premises, extends the life of floors and improves safety by preventing slips.  

A lot of dirt and dust enters work and leisure premises. According to statistics, most dirt enters through the front door. 

Our shoes transport 87-94% of this dirt.

A professional mat rental service prevents the contaminants from getting into the building.

According to ETSA (European Textile Services Association) professionally handled dirt control mats reduce cleaning costs by more than 14%, while time-savings on maintenance can reach 47%.

A weighty argument in favor of the professional Blesk InCare mat rental service is the fact that the replacement of the used mat happens unnoticed by your visitors. The time our staff to lift and lay a mat will not exceed 1 minute. If you would rather have your staff clean your dirt control mats in-house, you should consider the following:

  • to achieve visual cleanliness of a medium-sized mat, staff will have to spend 25 to 30 minutes of their working time
  • even professional vacuum-cleaning will not remove all the dirt that collects in the lower layers of the mats. The fibers of the mats will gather sand, dust and moisture, which will accumulate in time, rapidly decreasing the functionality of the mats.
  • vacuum-cleaning will not remove stains or severe contamination.

By using the Blesk InCare mat rental service, you can let us clean these mats professionally. In that case our personnel will deliver clean mats to replace the used ones, and provide regular professional laundering. The replacement frequency is coordinated with you and may vary, depending on the season.

Blesk InCare successfully serves major retail chains, banks, hotels, cultural centers and other organizations as well as private individuals. Our mats can also be found in offices, at the entrances of apartment buildings and at the doors of private homes.