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In line with top international standards

Today’s managers of healthcare facilities are well aware that hospital linen is one of the factors that can spread contamination across hospitals, old people’s homes and other medical institutions.  For this reason all the linen which comes from such organizations has to be considered as potentially infectious and has to be disinfected every time it is laundered. Highly contagious hospital linen, for example from patients with cholera, the plague, Ebola fever, open Tbc, etc. must be decontaminated in the hospital before being sent to the laundry (or it has to be incinerated).

In view of the importance of disinfection, laundries such as Blesk InCare, which are specialized in healthcare institutions have developed sophisticated workflows that include organizational and technical measures in line with international guidelines.  

Two internationally recognized options for the treatment of the linen are in use in our plants: The thermal washing process which involves heating up the laundry to 90°C for at least 8 minutes or the chemo-thermal washing process which requires heating up the laundry to 70°C for the same period of time in addition to which the disinfecting additive dosage is increased.   

In addition it is essential that the plant is divided into a soiled area and a clean area which are connected by locks for the staff and feature an air-pressure differential as well as barrier washing machines. These machines can only be loaded from the soiled area and unloaded in the clean area after washing and disinfection.

Of course staff should not move from one area to the other, but if this is unavoidable they have to take certain measures, such as changing workwear and washing and disinfecting their hands. In line with the above-mentioned guidelines it is also mandatory to disinfect the containers and vehicles used to pick up and deliver the linen.

To reduce manual handling we have automated  as much as possible in our plants and in particular the finishing processes. This not only improves hygiene, it also allows us to offer excellent value for money.  The entire process is orientated toward insuring quality and punctuality as well as exceeding customer requirements.

Blesk InCare provides health care customers with a professional laundry service based on reliability, maximum hygiene and environmental respect in line with international regulations.    

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