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Blesk InCare offers textile rental services for the whole hospitality industry

Running hotels, restaurants, fitness centers and other hospitality businesses involves handling and laundering big volumes of textiles. Originally in-house laundries were common in Russia. As a next step specialized and qualified laundries such as Blesk InCare made it attractive to outsource the processing of all linen.  Further optimization was reached when we offered a total package of textile rental services. This package is a perfect match for the needs of the whole range of hospitality businesses.

It includes:

  • Supply of commercially launderable linen best suited for your purpose
  • Professional quality laundering in line with European standards
  • Immaculate ready-to-use machine finishing
  • Replacement after normal wear and tear
  • Stock-keeping
  • Regular pick-up and delivery


  • Transparent cost structure in line with the number of your guests
  • No capital tied up for machines, space, textiles
  • No staff, maintenance or utility costs
  • Guaranteed long-term availability of selected high quality linen
  • You can focus on your core business

For more information please allow one of our experts to visit your company. We will then tailor an offer that will ensure you the best possible cost-benefit ratio.