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Blesk InCare, a leading laundry and textile rental company, serves thousands of customers from different sectors - from hotels, restaurants and fitness centers to military and medical facilities.

In addition to washing or dry cleaning our customers' textiles, we also provide textile rental services, standard and logo mat rental services as well as the Blesk InCare cotton cabinet towel roll service.

Blesk InCare owns three laundry and textile processing facilities in Russia and one in Ukraine. At Blesk InCare, all laundry facilities are equipped with water treatment systems. Our optimally softened water ensures that the processed laundry maintains its bright whiteness.

The largest Blesk InCare dry cleaning and laundry facility is located in Balashikha, in Moscow Region. This plant uses state-of-the- art Western technology from Jensen, such as tunnel washers, dryers and ironers, as well as a bank of washer extractors.  To ensure year-round 24/7 service with no interruptions, the plant uses alternative water intake sources and its three boilers can be run on gas or oil.

We provide handling trolleys, free of charge, which are regularly washed and disinfected in modern hygiene chambers at a temperature of 120°С.

We have our own fleet of trucks and we do our best to tailor the frequency and times of delivery to each of our customers' needs. A discount is offered for night deliveries.