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Service is what makes any kind of establishment stand out

It is the quality of service which determines the reputation of small restaurants, stores, and large hospitals alike. That is why making service a special priority and turning to specialists for help makes good sense. Blesk InCare offers a full range of essential services. 

Removable mat service

When there's rain and slush outside all the mud is tracked indoors on shoes. Not only the floor suffers, but the overall appearance of the company as well. It is unpleasant, unsanitary, and can be daunting for even experienced cleaning staff. And so stain-resistant rugs which prevent the penetration of most of the dirt and help preserve the primary floor covering have become popular. Stain-resistant mats can be replaced with fresh and clean ones when needed. Mat rental is within everyone's means, with the biggest manufacturer, the world-famous Absorba, providing a range of sizes and colour options. Even after repeated use these mats maintain their shape and colour.

Workwear Service

This is the most complex set of services, which few cleaning companies are able to offer. After all, workwear is the face of each company or operation. And there can be of all types of stains on work clothing . There can be lubricant, heating oil, and diesel fuel stains, for example, which can only be removed using the most advanced methods. Drycleaning clothes does not damage the fabric's structure, colour, or any printing. Not only can external soiling be a problem. Sweat, skin particles, and other bodily fluids are ideal environments for growth of bacteria and microorganisms. This not only means unpleasant odours, but can cause various illnesses. That's why laundering workwear is the most important production. 

Flat Linens Service

Bed linen and towels may be significant drain on the budget, but there is a great way to save money by renting all of your bedding and towels. Fabrics which are always clean and of good quality, suitable for cafes and military facilities alike. But renting spotless linen isn't the only plus. Don't forget we also offer cleaning of flat linen

Single-use Towel Service

Much can be debated about the advantages of paper towels over cloth towels. But facts are facts. Roller towels feature the following range of characteristics:

  • environmentally friendly and no environmental impact 
  • convenient and practical to use
  • sanitary
  • attractively priced, etc. 

In addition to the obvious benefits, don't forget that there is no need for drycleaning if you use other types of towels. Not to mention that use of a single towel in a public area is extremely unsanitary. But by purchasing or renting a continuous roll towel dispenser you can forget about the problems of constant cleaning. The above services can be useful not only for large establishments, but for individuals as well. This means chemical treatment and cleaning of clothes, from every-day shirts to large fur and leather items. Our confidence in the quality of our work comes from our many years of experience in the industry.