/ Enviroment / Ecology

Our concerns for the environment begin at the planning stage of our processes and manufacturing facilities. This is supported by well-trained and environmentally conscious staff, who are committed to the company’s sustainable efforts. 

  • We use modern equipment which enables us to substantially reduce the consumption of water and natural gas, bringing us in line with standards in Western Europe.
  • Regular soiled linen is washed in our modern West-German continuous batch washers (CBW) which use the least possible quantity of water and energy while ensuring thorough washing and rinsing.
  • Heavily soiled linen gets processed in line with top hygiene standards in the appropriate washer extractors. Both processes ensure the long life span of the fabrics.     
  • Our equipment features heat exchangers to recuperate energy.
  • Blesk laundries are equipped with water-conditioning units which reduce detergent consumption and also ensure better laundering and less encrustation of the washed textiles.
  • We use eco-friendly, fully biodegradable detergents. Due to their high efficiency we use as little as possible and just as much as necessary.
  • For our textile rental services we use fabrics which ensure the biggest possible environmental benefit over their entire life cycle.
  • In spite of our steadily growing customer-base (currently 12 000), we constantly optimize our delivery routes and thereby reduce pollution. This will be enhanced even further with the introduction of night delivery routes.  

The above examples show how ecology, quality and economy can go hand in hand