/ Enviroment

It is not only human needs that determine the extent of interaction between modern society and nature. For the greater part it is connected with the steadily progressing level of technical and social development of mankind. As a result of manufacturing activity natural resources get depleted, the environment gets polluted and nature is harmed.

Presently there are scarcely any ecosystems left on our planet which are not affected by man.   

Aware of this, Blesk InCare does its best to minimize the use of natural resources and to reduce any negative effect on the environment. We are concerned with the issue of preserving the ecosystem, since its degradation is a crucial problem of mankind. If we stand still today, the situation will be difficult to fix tomorrow.

We understand that many of our customers focus on the price. However we realize our responsibility for the environment, that is why we have looked for and achieved a balance between cost-reduction measures for our services and a reduction of our plants’ impact on the eco-system.