Blesk InCare mats Is part of Elis


We are glad to inform you that Blesk InCare as a mat rental service company has been a part of an international company Elis since July 2019.

Blesk InCare empoloyees, working in mat rental service, will be a part of a large multi-service company. Without any doubt our groundwork, the knowledge of Russian market and experience from Elis’s colleagues will make a Synergistic Effect leading to a big breakthrough in development, so that the company will acquire firm leading position on Russian market.

Company's short term goal is to invest in our current industrial premises, maintenance and service improvement and geographical expansion

Blesk InCare direction in mat rental and maintenance service will continue working under the Elis brand. We will inform you  about rebranding time a bit later

We are sure that you will notice service improvement in the nearest future.



About us

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