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Blesk InCare customers about their experience of cooperation with the company

Tatiana Giletski, Manager in "ILARAUTO": "It is very convenient to rent work clothing, instead of buying it. You don’t have to deal with its washing and repairing. Therefore, we have been using this service for more than five years – all in all, everything is well and expeditious".

Maria Soboleva, Head of Guest Room Stock of Hotel "Volga": "We have been cooperating with “Blesk InCare” for two years already. The company’s corporate service presentation was quite impressive, so we made our choice very quickly. The quality of washing of the linen and work clothing is good. We have been satisfied with everything, to a large extent ".

Andrei Kozyrev, Deputy Head of the On-site Service "KS-lift": "We tried to buy and wash work clothes ourselves, but ran into problems - many companies do not bother with repair of zippers, fasteners and many other little things when taking work clothes for laundry.  Eventually the clothes become unfit for use and fell apart at the seams. “Blesk InCare” solves the problem from top to bottom".

Anastasia Terekhova, Manager of Jewelry Salon "Art Facet": "There are no trifles in our business and cleanness of mats at the entrance is an important factor as well. We have been successfully cooperating with “Blesk InCare” for a long time. The mats are replaced regularly; you don’t even have to worry about it. "

Svetlana Panferova, Manager of Store "Argo": "We have no problems with the mats - they are clean and replaced on a regular basis. We used to order two mats before, now it’s three mats".